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Revell of Stannington


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... the Stannington Revells fled religious persecution to Wexford, Ireland, before eventually emigrating to Virginia,USA ...

Stannington was in the Chapelry of Bradfield, on an extensive tract of high ground declining on the north to the River Loxley, and on the south to the River Riveling, by which it is separated from the township of Upper-Hallam in the parish of Sheffield. It was here that the Roman tables were discovered, and a part of the south exposure of the hill bears the name of Haugh Park. Part of the shaft of an old stone cross is remaining. A considerable population of small agriculturists and still smaller manufacturers is scattered over this hill. The principal collections of houses are Upper-Gate and Nether-Gate. As late as the reign of Edward III surnames were common; in 1361 in possession of the church-burgesses of Sheffield we find a woman described as widow of Adam del Nethergate in Stannington.

Revel Grange
Revell family of Stannington were a Catholic family. At Nethergate Hall, a domestic chapel of Revell family, it was the custom when Mass was to be said for a white sheet to be hung on a certain bush as a signal to Catholics in the countryside.

The hall was succeeded by Revell Grange in 1742 and closed in 1828. In 1855 it re opened and closed in 1929. The original Records of this extract of Roman Catholic Records are held by Sheffield Archives

From an early period, Revell Grange was the family home of Revel, often found in the old genealogies as connected by marriage with the gentry of Derbyshire and Sheffield, - Burton, Pegge, Rawson, Sitwell, Sorsbie, Stacye, Wilson. Their religion exposed them to injurious treatment in the time of the Civil wars and commonwealth. The effect of heavy fines levied upon them at a time when the name of Recusant was supposed to place a man out of the pale of civil protection, the family never seemed to recover.

The Revells of Revell Grange are said to be descended from the Revels of Warwickshire. Sir John Revel of Warwickshire from about 1310, and another descendant of his, Sir Richard Revel, was knighted for his valour at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Read More »

Richard Broomhead married the heiress of the Revels about the year 1740.

Richard Revell

According to IGI Sir Richard REVELL was son of Thos. Revell (b.1423) & Alice Dowham who married. Marie (De Lee). Their daughter Elizabeth was b.1488 Stannington. Elizabeth m. John Burton 1506 at Dronfield. It is also recorded that Richard had a son Thomas who had a daughter Helen in 1589.

Memorandum of a surrender and admission : 4 Dec 1481. At Sheffield Court. Thomas Car by Richard Revell surrendered one messuage and one bovate of hastilar land with appurtenances in Halome, and a messuage and croft of hastilar land, called Edecroft, to the use of John Mechell for ever.Fined 3/4d. and did fealty. Ref:Sheffield Archives SpSt/17/1/

Thomas Revell of Wadsley

October 6th 1547 - Thomas Revell surrendered his messuage land, meadow and tenement, with the appurtenances, in Stannington or within the Soke of Sheffield, to the use of Gregory Revel, son and heir of the said Thomas, and the heirs of his body between him and Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Barbor lawfully begotten; and for default of such issue, with remainder to Robert Revell, son of the said Thomas Revell for ever. (Sheffield Archives).
Will dated 1566 - mentions sons Gregory, Robert, daughters Elizabeth Beighton, Agnes Burrows Genet Spoyne, Alice and Ellen. Alice and Ellen in the Will of Philip Morton. Did Ellen marry Thomas Morton 16 June 1561 ?

Gregory Revill
Gregory Revill of Stannington, a Yeoman was married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Barber. Children:

It is not known when Gregory married Alice . They had a son Thomas? mentioned in the Will of Rowland (see below) and in a Bond dated 1654: Thomas Revell, yeoman, of Waddsley, to Thomas Bradwell the elder, yeoman, of Bradwell, in 100, to abide by the decision of Rowland Eyre of Hassoppe and Robert Eyre of Highlowe, arbitrators appointed to decide a dispute concerning the possession of lands in Bradwell and to deliver up the deeds of title, etc.


(1565) July 12th, in the 7th year of Elizabeth. Award (Engl) of Gregorye Reyvell of Stanyngton, Robert Hawksworthe of Thornsett, Phyllyppe Morton of Ughyll and Thomas Greyve of Westnall in the countye of Yorke yomen. Reciting that where certayn debate contraversye and varyance then of late had been dependynge betwene Henry Gelat of Wygtuysle in the countye of Yorke yoman of the one partye and Henry Morton and Henry Ibotson of the same Wygtuysle in the same countye yomen of the other partye, and especyally of for and concernynge the occupacion of certayne Byredole lands in Wygtuyslee afforsayd, in so muche as bothe the sayd partyes had submytted them selffs to stand to and adyde obserue performe fullfyll and kepe the award arbytrament order rule dome and judgement of them the sayd Gregorye Reyvell etc arbytratourers indefferently electe and chosen betwene the sayd partyes to arbytrate award etc, of in for and uppon almanner of matters accyons suyts grudges trespasse quarrells detts and demaunds what so euer they be had moved styrred and in any wyse dependynge betwene the sayd partyes, frome ye begynynge of the worlde unto the day of makynge herofF for the pacyfFyenge wheroff they the sayd arbytratourors had takyn uppon them the offyce and aucthoryte of arbytrament at Wygtuysle affor sayd and then and there awarded etc, in manner and form foloynge ; Fyrste, we award etc, that the sayd partyes shall frome hencefurthe be faythefull lovers and friends and deale as lovynge nebors ought to do ; also we award etc, that the sayd Henry Morton and hys heyrs shall at all times herafter haue hold occupye and enyoye one parcell of wodd ground wch he haythe heretofore claymed, set lyenge and beynge in a place called the nether croft and commonly called the cloyghe without let trouble or ympedyment of the sayd Henry Gelot and hys heyrs etc ; and further we award etc that the sayd Henry Gelot and his heyrs shall at all tymes herafter haue hold occupye and enyoye one parcell of land lyenge in the nether end of one close called the hallowes, as yt ys now devyded and meared by hus, without vexacion let trouble or ympedyment of the sayd Henry Morton and Henry Ibotson and ther heyrs etc; and further that all other mears and balks shall at all tymes herafter be kept and used contenually as they be now appoynted by hus ; and further we award that bothe the sayd partyes at all tymes herafter in tyme of mast shall gether all the mast that shall fall frome ther own trees, where so euer the same shall fortune to fall, without let etc, and that all swyne of bothe partyes in mast tyme shall have all ther swyne to go at libertye throughe out all the byredole lands, belongynge to the Town of Wygtuysle without lett or harme.


In 1580 Gregorye Revill bought part tenancy of Stannington Hall, Bradfield, Sheffield from a John Parker of Norton Lees, Derbyshire. Included in this sale was ground called Hall Cliffe , arable land meadow and pasture. This land butted on the edge of land of George Earl of Shrewsbury. There was a wood to the south called Revelynge near the highway called Byngley Lane.

Gregorye Revill was the owner of adjoining land when he made the purchase from John Parker. There is no clue as to the ownership of the other 7 or 8 shares in the Hall of Stannington. (The names Revell and Stanyngton varies through the deed)

March 6th 1580 Gregory Revell of Stannington was yeoman to John and Lawrence Beighton

The land referred to in these deeds: Bingley Lane is the road running east and west in front of Revell Grange. A wood known as Reveling (various spellings) lay to the south of Woodbank Road and Bingley Lane. Storth Hall is also mentioned.

From the Bradfield parish registers, it appears that Gregory Revell was buried the 23rd March 1588-9. (Wheat)

Rowland Revill

The son of Gregory (above), he married Elizabeth Percy, daughter of Francis Percy of Scotton, Yorkshire and Frances ( daughter of Raufe Vavasour. Children:

Will of Rowland Revel of Stannington, dated 12 April 1644, proved at York 3 Sep. 1646. Mentions Elizabeth his wife, Gregory his son & heir, then under age, younger son Richard, dau. Bridget, Anne, & Gertrude, young brother Thomas Revel, and Edward his eldest son, Cousin Eliza Woodruffe, and brother in law John Percy, Esq.

Richard Revill

Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Revill of Stannington married in 1536 to John Burton(1478-1556) of Totley, son of John and Elizabeth Burton (Nee Shaw). They had three children:


Gregory Revell named in will of Henry Merel of Eyam dated 1617

Thomas Revell

Thomas, son of Ronald Revell, of Revell Grange, Stannington, Yorkshire, yeoman, was admitted to Lisbon College, admitted on Revells Fund ; alumnus March 31, 1697, ordained priest.

Edward Revell, of Shifnall, Shropshire bequeathed 1000 in his will of June 1684 to Lisbon College - known as Revell's Fund. He also left 100 'for a priest in Shropshire for a weekly Mass'.

From Wheat Collection Text

(1573) June 19th, in the 13th year of Elizabeth. Surrender at a court of the most noble George earl of Shrewsbury, held at Sheffield on the above date: when John Steide, by Gregory Reyvell and John Reyvell tenants of the lord, surrendered into the hands of the lord; all those messuages lands tenements rents reversions and other his hereditaments whatsoever, with their appuitenances, in Onesacre, within the soke of Bradfield to the use of Margarete Steide wife of the said John and to the use of Peter Steyde, Francis Steyde, Elizabeth Steide and Agnes Steyde, sons and daughters of the said John Steide, at the feast of Saint Nicholas in winter then last past before the date thereof ; for the term of ten years, then next following and fully to be completed; and after the expiration of the said ten years, then to the use of Nicholas Steide son and heir apparent of the said John and his heirs for ever, following the tenor and effect of the testament and last will of the said John Steyde , as by the same will fully appeared; which messuages etc were granted by the steward of the court, to hold to the said Margarete, Peter, Elizabethe and Agnes for the said term ; and at the end of the said term, to the said Nicholas Steide his heirs and assigns for ever; to the use and intention of the said will of the said John Steide the father, as above said; by rent and service, according to the custom of the manor; and they gave to the lord a fine on entry and were admitted tenants, subject to any rights whatsoever ...


September 17th, 1597 in the 39th year of Elizabeth. Charter (Lat) confirming a grant from John Creswicke of Burrowlee in the county of York yeoman, in consideration of a certain marriage to be had and solemnized between Thomas Creswicke his son-and heir apparent and Dorothy Revell widow, then late wife of Richard Revell of Walkeley in the county aforesaid desceased, to George Ellis of Grayes Inne in the county of Middlesex gentleman; of all and singular his messuages cottages buildings structures orchards gardens lands tenements meadows feedings pastures woods under-woods wastes moors commons rents reversions remainders and all and singular other his hereditaments, with all and singular their appurtenances whatsoever, situate lying and being in the town-fields territories boundaries or hamlets of Wadsley, Owlerton and Sheffield in the said county of York; and then or then late in the tenure or occupation of him the said John Creswicke his assigns; to hold the same unto the said George Ellis and his heirs, to the use of him the said John Creswicke for life; and after his decease, as to one moiety or half of all the said lands etc in Wadsley and Owlerton, to the use of the said Thomas Creswicke and Dorothy Revell and the heirs of the said Thomas Creswicke for ever ; and as to the other moiety or half of the same lands etc, to the use of the said Thomas Creswicke and his heirs for ever; and as to all and singular the lands etc in Sheffeld, to the use of the said Thomas Creswicke and Dorothy Revell, for the term of the life of the said John Creswicke; and after his decease, then to the use of such person or persons as the said John Creswicke by his last will do give the same; of the chief lord etc, by services etc. Witnesses: Thomas Webster th elder, Thomas Webster, Robarte Parkin, Anthony Worald.

Heywoods Non Conformists Register

Thomas Reyvell, Stannington, Bradfield, 1 Oct 1556
Gregory Reyvell and John Reyvell tenants of the lord 1573
William Revell, Nether Bradfield, yeoman, 2 Oct 1600
John Revell Smallfield, Bradfield, yeoman, 5 Oct 1620
Rowland Revell, Stannington, Bradfield, Sep 1646/47
Source: Heywood's Register, 1650-1702


Gregory Revill, gent.aged 25, of Sheffield, m. Mary Stacy, spinster, 20, of Ecclesfield in 1674 (either place)


Hearth Tax 1672

Listed: Mr Revill 6, Widow Revill 1, Richard Revill 1


List of Sheffield Apprentices named Revell



ISABELLA REVILL c.02 NOV 1868 Stannington, Yorkshire
MARY REVILL c.02 NOV 1868 Stannington
GEORGE REVILL c.02 NOV 1868 Stannington
MARY ANNA REVILL c.16 JAN 1871 Stannington
ROSE ANN REVILL c. 01 FEB 1872 Stannington


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Are you called Revill? with Variations: Revell, Revel, Revill, Reville, Reavill, Reaville, Revels, Ryville.