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Rawson of Upperthorpe Sheffield

March 19th, 1549. The Will of William Rawson of Sheffield , tanner proved 23rd April 1550 at York, directed that he should be buried within the churchyard of Sheffield Testator gave to Nicholas Stainforthe the younger 40s, to pray for testator's soul. He willed that John Rawson his son should have all bargains and countes that testator had made with Thomas Oxsprynge and Robert Oxsprynge his son. He also gave to William Rawson 40s, upon a condition that he do his apprentishipe;
to Thomas Twyg his servant 40s;
to Elene Rawson 24s 8d ;
to Alice Wilkynson 20s ;
to Thomas Birddocke 26s 8d upon condition that he go forthe upon his apprenticeship;
to Elizabeth Rawson daughter of Hew Rawson, 6s 8d ;
to James Frogson a jackett, 'a pare of whit hose and a fustiane dublett';
to Jennet Stanyforthe 6s 8d;
to Jennet Moore 6s 8d ;
to Ellene Rawson 6s 8d ;
to the Poore Man's Box 3s 4d.
Residue to Elizabeth his wife and James his son, whom he made executors; and he appointed Robert Moore, Nicholas Stanyforthe and John Rawson, testator's son, supervisors. Provided that if it fortune that James testator's son died without issue, then all testator's lands to remain to John Rawson his son.
Names of Persons : William Rawson, Nicholas Stainforthe yonger, John Rawson, Thomas Oxsprynge, Robert Oxsprynge, William Rawson (apprentice), Thomas Twyg, Elene Rawson, Alice Wilkynson, Thomas Birddocke (apprentice), Elizabeth Rawson, Hew Rawson, James Frogson, Jennet Stanyforthe, Jennet Moore, Ellene Rawson, Elizabeth Rawson (testator's wife), James Rawson, Robert Moore, Nicholas Stanyforthe (probably the elder). Witnesses : Robert Gawthorpe vicar of Sheffelde, Edward Pavie, Robert Wilkynson.

Pedigree of Rawson of Sheffield
Pedigree of Rawson of Sheffield

The Rawson family ancient freeholders of Hallamshire, had their tannery at Upperthorpe from the middle of the sixteenth century, and as the generations went by they showed that "there was nothing like leather " by establishing tan pits at Walkley and Philadelphia, perhaps also at Norwood; and by joining forces, matrimonially, with the other Rawson at Wardsend. They pervade the centuries as leading Sheffield citizens, even close to our own times, although in the end, brewing was found more profitable than tanning. Source:REMINISCENCES OF SHEFFIELD by R. E. LEADER

Mary Rawson baptised 24 Sep 1626, daughter of Edward Rawson of Walkley, married twice:

  1. Jasper Bosville(d.1649) of Wardsend, son of Thomas of Braithwell, married at Ecclesfield on 5th August, 1647 to Mary Rawson, daughter of Edward Rawson of Walkley. They had a daughter Mary
  2. Robert Rawson of Wards End(1621-1666) married Mary Rawson in 1650

Children of the second marriage:

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