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Rotherham Districts


Stone, Maltby

In 1822,Stone was in the Parish of Maltby

In 1867 freehold Estate at Stone, in the parish of Maltby and Firbeck , near Roche Abbey, was for sale by auction, in one lot. It comprised:

A Small and Compact Farm, situate at Stone, in the county of York, almost adjoining to the beautiful grounds and ruins of Roche Abbey, near Rotherham.

Also, the water CORN MILL, FARMHOUSE, HOMESTEAD, and BUILDINGS, with the Orchards and Gardens thereto, occupied by Mr. Godfrey Coward.

Also, three Cottages, at Stone aforesaid, near to the mill, and occupied by Joseph Lumby, Stephen Cooper¹, and Mrs. Colton.

The estate lies within a ring fence, and comprises a total area of 10 Acres, 2R. 311/2P., it is intersected by the stream passing through the Roche Abbey Grounds, which supplies ample water power for working the corn mill, and affords first class trout fishing.

The property is bounded on one side by the turnpike road from Rotherham, by which it is divided from Sandbeck Park, the residence of the Earl of Scarborough, by whose estate and that of Mrs. Miles, of Firbeck Hall, it is surrounded on all other sides.

The land offers several beautiful sites for building purposes, and (having regard to the great scarcity of small freeholds in this romantic neighbourhood, and its proximity to the rapidly increasing town of Rotherham) cannot fail to be an improving and very desirable investment. A large portion of the purchase money may remain on security of the property if desired.

Plans and further particulars may shortly be obtained on application to the Auctioneer; to Messrs. Whateleys and Whateley, Solicitors, Birmingham; or to BARNARD P. BROOMHEAD, Solicitor and Notary, - George-street, Sheffield, Oct. 25th, 1867.


Google Earth map of Stone

Google Earth map of Stone

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Note: ¹ Stephen Cooper was the brother of John Cooper who was murdered in 1864.