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Domesday name: Maltebi. In Maltby and Hellaby, Alsige had 4 carucates of land to the geld, where there could be 6 ploughs. Now Roger has in demesne there 5 ploughs; and 13 villans and 18 bordars with 18 ploughs, and 3 mills rendering 16s. There is woodland pasture 16 furlongs long and 5 broad. The whole manor is 2 leagues long and a half broad. TRE worth 8l; now 6l.

Maltby 'farmstead or village of a man called Malti, or where malt is made', OScand. pers. name or malt + by: Source A Dictionary of British Place Names in Names & Places

Maltby Green, 1908
Maltby Green, Maltby

Before the Norman Conquest, Maltby had been the property of Elsi, but at the time of the Domesday survey it was held, in part, in demesne by Roger de Busli, and the rest was cultivated by his villeins and borderers. Roger subinfeuded his brother Ernaldus here. Before her death Idonea, conveyed the manor of Maltby to her nephew, Robert de Clifford. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, it was sold in 1587 by George the 3rd, Earl of Cumberland, to Sir Edward Stanhope, whose son again sold it to Sir Nicholas Saunderson, from whom it descended to the Earl of Scarboroughs.

Foundation Charters of Roche Abbey »

The Earls of Scarbrough succeeded the Viscounts Castleton as Lords of the manor of Maltby in the early 18th century.

Described in 1822 as, a parish-town, in the upper-division of Strafforth and Tickhill, liberty of Tickhill. The seat of John Cook, Esq. Situated 4.5 miles from Tickhill, 7.5 from Rotherham, 13 from Sheffield, 47 from York. Population 679. The Church is a vicarage, dedicated to St. Bartholomew, in the deanry of Doncaster. Patron, the Earl of Scarborough. Here is a School founded by one of the Earls of Castleton, and repaired by his heirs. Within the communion rails of the Church lies an infant son of George Viscount Castleton, who died in 1655.

The following places were in the Parish of Maltby in 1822:

George Rolleston, Vicar of Maltby, established a school here in 1823.

Maltby in 1862

Maltby Parish, including the townships of Maltby and Hooton Levet, both in the upper division of the Wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, contains 4,444 acres and in 1861 had 858 inhabitants.

A large, pleasant, and well-built village and township, on the Bawtry and Sheffield road, 12 miles E.N.E. of the latter. It contains 3,974 acres and in 1861 had 185 houses and 734 inhabitants. Rateable value, 3,991 4s.

The Earl of Scarbrough is lord of the manor and owner of most of the soil. Sir W. Eadon has an estate

St. Bartholomews Church, Maltby The Church, dedicated to St. Bartholomew, is a fine structure, consisting of nave, chancel, side aisle, and tower, the latter of which in surmounted by a spire. The living is a vicarage; value 120, being augmented in 1792 with 200, Queen Anne's bounty, and in 1814 with 1,400 Parliamentary grant. The Earl of Scarborough, patron, and the Rev. George Rolleston, M.A., incumbent.

The School was endowed in 1714 by Viscount Castleton with about 14 acres of land.

Opposite the Swan Inn is an ancient stone cross, which was fenced round and surrounded with shrubs, by Mr. F. Hartshorn, in 1859. The poor have the interest of two small benefactions left by T. Tankersley and G. Spence.

Carr is a small hamlet, 2 miles S.W.S. Stone is a small village, about 2 miles S. by E., near which are the celebrated Freestone Quarries and the ruins of Roche Abbey; and a little east of the latter is Sandbeck, the extensive park and elegant mansion of the Earl of Scarbrough, pleasantly situated in the delightful vale of a small rivulet, about two and a half to three and a half miles S.S.W. of Tickhill.

Hooton Levet is a small township, half a mile S. by W. of Maltby, containing 470 acres of land, and in 1861, 22 houses, and 124 inhabitants. W.F. Hoyle, Esq., and Mr. Roger Hayward, are the principal owners. The Hall, a pleasantly situated residence, is at present

Post Office, at Ann Revill's. Letters arrive at 6 a.m., and are despatched at 8.45 p.m.

Marked ¹ are at Roche Abbey, ² Stone, and ³ The Yews.

Earl of Scarborough, Sandbeck
Mrs Elizabeth Aldred, Grove Cottage
Thomas Askren, Cattle Salesman and Grazier
Adam Botham and George Machin, Millwrights and Manufacturers of Agricultural Implements and Machines
Thomas Clayton, Sandbeck Lodge
William Henry Crossley, Surgeon
Henry Ellison Esq., Land Agent to Earl Scarborough, Stone
George Foster, Gent., The Yews
George Godber, Corn Dealer
² Jane Goodband, Infant School
William Greaves, Stone Mason
Miss Hartshorn, Roche Abbey House
¹Michael Hartshorn, Cabinet Maker, Roche Abbey
William Kemp, Millwright
William Law, Lilley Hall
Mrs. Sarah Laycock, Maltby Villa
Mr. William Revill, Wood Leys
George and William Ridgway, Masons
Daniel Robinson, Police Officer
Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson and Miss Ellen, Rock Cottage
Rev. George Rolleston M.A., Vicar, The Hall
Miss Lucy Rolleston, Manor House
Steel and Batty, Milliners
William and Harriet Stewart, National School
Jonathan Thackrey, Millwright and Machine and agricultural Implement Manufacturer
John Thompson, Saddler and Registrar of Births and Deaths
Rev. Walter Tyrrell, Curate, Maltby Villa
Joseph Winfrey, Gamekeeper

Inns and Taverns
Don John, George Hibbert
Eagle, William Chester, Sandbeck Road
Scarborough Arms, John Hawke
White Swan Inn, Francis Hartshorn

Henry and George Ellis
Charles Thornhill

Henry Kemp
Francis Thompson
William Thompson

Corn Millers
³ John Chester
² Godfrey Coward
¹Joseph Spittlehouse

Henry Austwick, Wood Leys
James Cade
John Chester
¹Joseph G. Cockill
Joseph Greenwood
George Hibbert
Thomas Wood Hirst
¹Samuel Jenkinson
John Lawton
Thomas Leake
Robert Morrell
Felix Nicholson, Abbey Leys
² George Nicholson
² Thomas Nicholson
³ William Pagden
Elizabeth Philips
Thomas Philips
George Chambers Revill
John Wainman

Thomas Boler
Thomas Herring
James Lister
Robert Spencer

George Butler
Joseph Dickens Draper
Matilda Savage
William Thompson

Mathias Moore
Francis Turner
Thomas Turner

Wheelwrights and Joiners
Botham and Machin
William Godber
Joseph Greenwood
Jonathan Thackrey

John Athey, to Rotherham, Monday and Friday
George Butler, to Doncaster, Saturday
George Godber, to Sheffield, Tuesday and Saturday
Joseph Winfrow, to Sheffield, Tuesday

Hooton Levet
George Cattle, Farmer
John Greensmith, Huckster
Roger Haywood, Farmer, Manor House
Charles Thornhill, Corn Miller, Woods Leys
Henry Yeardley, Farmer
John Yeardley, Collector of Poor Rates

Reverend Philip Scholfield of Goulceby and his wife Anne Georgiana Sherlock(d.25/03/1878) from Tickhill, youngest daughter of Sir Thoms Sherlack Gooch of Benacre, Suffolk,was vicar in the 1890s

Maltby Hall, 1908 one time residence of Miss White and Lady Violet Smithe. In 1921 a Mrs Gore-Booth was living here
Maltby Hall, Maltby

Congregational services were first held in Maltby in the Council School on 22 September 1912. The first minister, Mr D.J. Lane, began work in June 1913. On 18 September 1913 he was ordained and on that day a church was opened for worship. This church was destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve 1925, but it was re-built, and the new church was opened on 2 June 1927. From 1973 the church was known as Maltby United Reformed Church. It was closed on 31 January 1983 and the remaining members were transferred to Herringthorpe United Reformed Church

In 1980 a hoard of 56 folles of 320-333 AD date was found in the south west facing bank of the valley near Maltby. The coins were found scattered over the bank as if they had trickled out from where they were hidden. There was no evidence for a container. Site adjacent to the Blythe Road, near Hooton Levitt. At a nearby site a Roman coin hoard was found consisting of 3503 Antoniniana contained in a grey coarse ware jar. The hoard contained coins of the Central Empire from Philip I to Probus and coins of the Gallic Empire from Postumus to Tetricus II. It was probably buried c.282 AD.

Maltby Grammar School, opened in 1932, was built on the site of the old Rolleston Hall. In the upper left hand corner of the school badge is a golden eagle representing Rolleston house, one of the original four school houses.

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