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Pedigree of Knight of Langold



Pedigree of Knight of Langold

Source:Visitation of Yorkshire, Sir.William Dugdale, A.D. 1665 and 1666

Sir Ralph Knight, (1619?1691), a Major in Colonel George Monck's Regiment of Horse, was the son of William Knight of Newbury, Berkshire, and his wife, Alice Worthington.

In 1643 he served as a commander of a troop of cavalry in the Earl of Manchester's regiment of horse. In 1645 he was appointed to the New Model Army as captain in Mathew Tomlinson's cavalry regiment. By 1647 he had attained the rank of major in the same regiment.

He married Faith (1616/171671), daughter of William Dickenson, Vicar of Rotherham, on 23 June 1646. They had eight sons and seven daughters (of whom three sons and two daughters died young). Knight settled in Yorkshire. Two of his children were baptized at Rotherham in 1647 and 1648.

Faith died 18th April, 1671, aged fifty-four. Children:

In 1649 Sir Ralph Knight purchased the manors of Glentham and Normanby .

In 1650 he purchased Langold on the Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire border from Thomas Burton, as a residence for Faith, near her family, during his absence on military duty, and he subsequently obtained other estates in the same and in the adjoining counties. He paid 920 for the former crown manor of Tanshelf, in the parish of Pontefract.

In 1653 Knight was appointed a deputy lieutenant for the West Riding.

He was elected to parliament in 1660 and the same year was knighted for good service

In 1662 he purchased the manor of Letwell, Yorkshire and in 1675 he bought the Manor of Warsop in Nottinghamshire.

In June 1667 Knight was made a captain of a company of non-regimental horse which was raised in the military emergency from the Nottinghamshire-Yorkshire border, and which marched to Yarmouth in case of a Dutch invasion, before being disbanded on 16 August 1667.

On 12 May 1673 he became lieutenant-colonel of the Duke of Buckingham's Regiment of Foot.

In 1687 Knight married Elizabeth Rolleston of Warsop, whose husband, John, had been buried in the local church in 1681.

Knight made his will on 25 December 1689. He referred to 1000 owed to him by the King, which he had spent many years trying to recover. Knight died on 21 April 1691 at Firbeck and was buried there two days later, his funeral sermon referring to him as 'a true lover of the Church of England'. He was succeeded in turn by his eldest surviving sons, John and Isaac.

A settlement dated 1655 by Ralph and Faith was made whereby they convey to John and Isaac a messuage and land in Ecclesfield,a cottage and land in the parish of Sheffield, and farms and land in the parish of Snaith to hold to the use of Ralph for life, and then to the use of John and his heirs male, and in default of issue to the use of Isaac, and in default to the use of the third and fourth son of Ralph in like manner; and in default to the use of Hester, eldest daughter of Ralph and Faith and to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten, and in default of issue to the use of Christian, and in default, to the right heirs of Ralph and Faith. Dated 20 October.

Archive References

Release of jointure by Elizabeth Knight widow to her son Ralph Knight of Langold esq. Dated 27 January

Reference: D239 M/F 16065 : 1695/96
An act for annulling the marriage of Hannah Knight an infant and directing the guardianship of the said infant

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The case of Richard Taylor esq., a member of the Honourable, the House of Commons, and John Clerkson, esq., the two surviving trustees of Hannah Knight, an infant, daughter of John Knight esq., lately deceased, by Mary his wife

Reference: D239 M/F 16111-16116: 1650-1661
Letters authorizing Ralph Knight to receive the fee-farm of the rectory of Ecclesfield (co. York). Dated 2 February 1650/51

Letter and copy authorizing Sir Ralph Knight to receive the revenues and enjoy possession of the fee-farms of the rectories of Ecclesfield (co. York) and Winterton (co. Lincoln). Dated 10 August 1660

1670/71. Settlement on the marriage of John Clerkson and Esther daughter of Sir Ralph Knight whereby William Clerkson and John (his son) lease to John Knight of the Middle Temple esq. and George Flower of Edwinstowe gent. for a term of 500 years the manor of Willoughby, a capital messuage in Kirton, and all lands in Kirton, Willoughby, Walesby, Boughton, and Wellow to hold in trust for the male issue of the marriage, and in default of heirs male to raise 3000 to be divided among any daughters, reserving to William an annuity of 160. Dated 18 January

Prenuptial settlement (lease and release) : 29-30 Apr 1679
Jonathan Staniforth of Firbeck, gentleman to John Knight of Langold (Yorks.), esq. John Clarkson of Kirton, (Notts.), esq. and Richard Tayler of Wallingwells (Notts.). In consideration of the marriage between Jonathan Staniforth and Christian, one of the daughters of Sir Ralph Knight of Langold and her portion of 1,000. The Manor and Lordship of Firbeck, etc. to uses.

Reference: D239 M/F 16082 1712
Release to follow lease for possession by Thornagh and Sitwell at the direction of Isaac Knight, Dickenson Knight, and Thomas Stones and Hannah his wife, to John Brinkle of Langold (co. York) gent. of the tithe of corn and hay in the town fields of Hensall in the parish of Snaith, save for the Hecke and Hensall New Field. Consideration 850. Dated 15 April

Reference: D239 M/F 16083 : 1712
Conveyance by Thornagh and Sitwell to Joseph Mellish of Blyth, esq., and John Thornagh esq. jun. of lands in the manor of Letwell (co. York, WR) remaining unsold after meeting the portion of Hannah Stones to hold in trust for Isaac Knight and his heirs male. Dated 19 April

Reference: D239 M/F 16084: 1712
Discharge of Isaac Knight, Thomas Stones, and Dickenson Knight to Thornagh and Sitwell in sums of 200 (Isaac) and 3000 (Thomas), part of marriage portion of 5000. Dated 21 April

Reference: D239 M/F 16085 : 1720
Bill of complaint of Thomas Stones and Hannah his wife concerning timber rights in Warsop (co. Nottingham)

Reference: OD/195 Quitclaim: 16 Nov 1723
Thomas Stones of Mosbrough (parish of Eckington) and Hannah, his wife, to Dickinson Knight of Langold (co. York), executor of Isaac Knight of Langold, on behalf of Ralph Knight, son of Isaac. All claims to the timber growing in the manor of Warsop (co. Nottingham), which Stones has in the right of his wife as daughter of John, son of Sir Ralph Knight; for 105.

Sheffield Archives: Oakes Deeds Reference: OD/194
Conveyance of annuity: 7 Jun 1745
Thomas, Earl of Malton, to John Stones of Mosbrough in the parish of Eckington, esquire, and William Bagshawe of the Inner Temple as his Trustee. For payment of 1200, an annuity of one hundred pounds for life, secured on certain property (named in detail) in Hooton Roberts (Yorks.), late the estate of John Finch and Elizabeth his wife.

Original will of Ralph Knight of Langold, Yorkshire: 9 Aug 1758
Leaves certain property to his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Knight, including his freehold house in Dover Street, London. All his hereditaments and real estate to his sister Elizabeth, wife of Henry Gally, for her life, to her eldest son John Gally and his children (and others in default of issue).

Probate copy of will of Elizabeth Gally, widow: 31 Jul 1785
Leaving estate at Langold (bought by her brother Ralph after he had settled his estates and which descended to her as his heir), to her eldest son John Gally Knight. To her youngest son, Henry, her house in Dover Street, Henry to be executor. Will: 10 Jun 1777.

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