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Bright of Banner Cross Sheffield

This section of the Bright family were among the superior yeomanry at the beginning of the seventeenth century. They became extinct on the death of John Bright of Chesterfield in April 1748. His grand-daughter and heiress Mary Dalton, conveyed this estate to her husband Lord John Murray. He was Colonel of the 42nd Regiment of Foot, but after his marriage in 1758, he spent much time at Banner Cross making improvements.

Pedigree of Bright of Banner Cross Sheffield
Pedigree of Bright of Banner Cross Sheffield

Elizabeth Bright , daughter of John Bright (1658-1734) of Banner Cross married Joseph Bright, Esq., the third son of Thomas Bright of Graystones who succeeded his father in the estate at Graystones. He was a Commissioner of the Peace

John Bright (son of John Bright of Banner Crosse, gent.), married Mary, daughter of Richard Youle of Chesterfield, co. Derby,a lead merchant about June 1685

Stephen Bright of Sheffield married Jean Smales of Whiston in 1610 John Bright, M .A., vicar of Sheffield, 1634, married Joan Smales. But as he was baptized 17 January, 1594-5, this is more likely to have been a second wife of his uncle John Bright of Banner Cross, whose first wife's name seems to be unknown, though she had eight children, born before 1608.

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