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Cigarette Cards

Household Hints

This series of 50 cards were issued in 1927. By the mid-1930s, cigarette card collecting was a national craze, with hundreds of millions of cards being produced annually by the tobacco companies and a wide variety of other trade houses.


A Simple Barometer, Restoring a Crushed Broom, A Broom Rack, Ridding a Carpet of Moths, Replacing Loose Castors

Whitening a Ceiling, Useful Clothes Line, Cycle Brackets, Distempering, Making a Dog Kennel

Cold Water Dyeing, Erecting A Fence, Fire Lighting Made Easy. 'Frosting' a Window, Removing Stains from Polished Furniture

Destroying Worm in Furniture, Strengthening an old Garden Seat, Laying a Tiled Hearth, Laying Linoleum, Repairing Linoleum

New Springs to Locks(1),New Springs to Locks(2), Securing Loose Knife Handles, Cement Mortar, Three uses for Old Newspaper

Cleaning an Old Oil Painting, Removing Old Paint, Repainting Outside Railings, A Useful Painting Hint, Cement Path

Cleaning Pewter, Making a Picture Frame (1), Making a Picture Frame (2), Re-Gilding a Picture Frame, Protecting Pipes

Keeping Plants Watered while away on Holiday, Repairing Broken Pottery, Clearing Choked Rainpipes, Covering a roof with Bitumen Felt, Some uses of Salt

Removing Stubborn or Rusted Screws, Removing sea-water stains from Brown Shoes, Cleaning a Thermos Flask, Making a Concrete Wall, Pointing a Brick Wall

Repairing cracks in Cemented Walls, A Simple Weather Vane, Mending Electric Wires, Making a Wireless Aerial, Making a Wireless Earth

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