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Dukes of Leeds

Sir Edward Osborne, (1596-1647) father of the First Duke of Leeds

The Ducal Vault at Harthill

Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds, Acceded: May 1694

Peregrine Osborne, 2nd Duke of Leeds, Acceded: 1712

Peregrine Hyde Osborne, 3rd Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1729

Thomas Osborne, 4th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1731

Francis Godolphin Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1789

George William Frederick Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1799. Married Lady Charlotte Townshend, dau. of George, 1st Marquis Townshend

Francis Godolphin D'Arcy Osborne, 7th Duke of Leeds, born 1798. Married Louisa Catherine Caton (daughter of Richard Caton of Maryland) in 1828. Acceded:1838

George Godolphin Osborne, 8th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1859

George Godolphin Osborne, 9th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1872

George Godolphin Osborne, 10th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1895

John Francis Godolphin Osborne, 11th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1927

Francis D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne, 12th Duke of Leeds, Acceded:1963

Chief Seats

Hornby Castle (The Village of Hornby was small, situated between Bedale, and Catterick, Yorks), Aston, Hardwick, and Patrick Brampton in the county of York, Sion Hill in the county of Middlesex; and Walmer Castle in the county of Kent.

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