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Fairfax of Mensington


Ferdinando, son of Thomas Fairfax of Denton (1560-1640), was created Baron Fairfax of Cameron in the Scottish peerage, in 1627 . Ferdinando succeeded to the title in 1640. He was MP for Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, from 1614-29 and again in 1640. He was MP for Yorkshire during the Long Parliament.He was married twice. By his first wife, Mary, he had six daughters and two sons: Thomas, succeeded him as 3rd baron, and Charles, who died in June, 1665 after a sea battle with the Dutch

Pedigree of Fairfax of Mensington

Thomas Fairfax was born at Denton Hall, Otley, Yorkshire, on 17 January 1612, the eldest son of Ferdinando, 2nd Lord Fairfax. He studied at St John's College, Cambridge, and Gray's Inn (1626-28), then volunteered to join Sir Horace Vere's expedition to fight for the Protestant cause in the Netherlands. Fairfax married Vere's daughter Anne in June 1637, and died in 1671.

Source:Visitation of Yorkshire, Sir.William Dugdale, A.D. 1665 and 1666

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