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Dinnington, Laughton Road c1965
Dinnington, Laughton Road c1965.   (Neg. D101010)   Copyright The Francis Frith Collection 2008.
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection.


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At one time part of the Lordship of Conisbrough.

Described in the late 1800's as a village and parish, 12 miles east of Sheffield, and 6 miles N.W. of Worksop, has about 285 residents and 1540 acres of land. John Carver Middleton Athorpe, Esq. resides at The Hall and is lord of the manor, and owner of most of the soil. The Church , St. Nicholas, is a rectory, in the parsonage of the Crown, valued at 109, in the incumbency of the Rev. J. Horrox .

The Thorpe branch of the Athorpe family of Thorpe and Dinnington died out in the 18th century and the property descended to the Dinnington branch which was Blanshard. In 1820 the estates descended to John Carver Middleton, who took the name of Athorpe, and whose family estates lay at Morthen , and Whiston, Rotherham.

The Athorpe Muniments at Sheffield Archives consists of deeds of the Athorpes, Carvers and others, and of some family papers. Records relating to the activities of Col. Robert Athorpe, died in 1806, was Justice of the Peace and Colonel of Militia.Reference Code: AM 1-1639

Dinnington in 1822

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Dinnington in 1849

Described as a village and parish 12 miles E. of Sheffield, has 279 inhabitants, and 1540 acres of land. John Carver Middleton Althorpe, Esq., resides at the Hall, and is lord of the manor, and owner of most of the soil. The Church (St. Nicholas,) is a rectory, in the patronage of the Crown.

J.C.M. Althorpe Esq., Hall
James Fisher - Blacksmith
Rev. James Horrox - Rector
Edmund Leath - Gamekeeper
Daniel Makinson - Vict. Falcon
Henry Oldale - Butcher
George Ryalls - Shopkeeper
Samuel Whitfield - Woodman

Boot and Shoe Makers

James Barlow
Jas. Fisher - Shopkeeper


Thomas Duke
Nathaniel Inman
Samuel Inman
Isabella Lesiter
Edw. Nettleship
George Oldale
William Sampson


John Pearson
Samuel Pearson


George Oldale
Robert Shaw


Daniel Makinson
James Snowden


Joseph Pearson to Sheffield

Dinnington Long Barrow

A long barrow was found at Dinnington which was levelled in 1862, a large number of skeletons of both sexes and all ages was found inside. No weapons or ornaments were found with them. The skulls are now in the Oxford museum ; they are of the long-headed type which is usually found in the long barrows.

The Changing Village Reproduced electronically 2008. Includes many memories gathered from conversations with people who lived through the years from 1894 - 1914.

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Dinnington and District History Society

Dinnington Racing Club

Dinnington Rugby Club


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