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Brinsworth Rotherham. 'Ford of a man called Bryni' . Source A Dictionary of British Place-Names in Names & Places

Brinsworth recorded in the Domesday Book as Brinesford. Also recorded as Brynnes Ford,Brunnesford, Brinford

Domesday Book - Lands of Roger de Bully. In Brinsworth, Godric had 11 bovates of land to the geld, where there could be 1 ploughs. Roger has it, and it is waste. TRE it was worth 15s.

Ickles Hall was built in 1587 by Thomas Reresby of Thrybergh and enlarged in 1610 by Sir George Reresby. In 1856 William Stone resided here. The west wing collapsed in 1906 and the remainder of the hall was demolished in 1939 by United Steels Ltd

Possible Roman settlement

The site was cleared for the construction of a pre-fabricated housing estate in 1947, and as work commenced in 1948, a grid of Roman roads was exposed. Since the foundations of the houses only required excavation to a depth of 6", little stratigraphy was exposed, and what little is known of the site was only exposed in service trenches.Reports as the development progressed were made up to 1951. The main concentrations of material were reported at: Brinsford Road, Roman Crescent, Fortway Road,Golf Links, near Town Gate, near Back Lane alongside Ricknild Street, Grange Lane near Brinsworth Grange. The archive at Rotherham Museum includes photos and a plan of part of the `town wall' to the NE of the settlement discovered, but not excavated, in 1952.

Bronze Age flat axe

An Early Bronze Age flat axe is said to have been found in a trench for a culvert near the Atlas Hotel, Brinsworth. Miss D Greene, former curator of Rotherham Museum, suggested that it may have been found about 1896 when her father was engaged on sinking the Canklow Colliery and lodged at the Atlas Hotel.


Described in the 1820's as a township and scattered village of 1050 acres and 266 souls, 2 miles SW of Rotherham and 5 miles ENE of Sheffield. It includes the hamlet of Ickles and belongs chiefly to J. Fullerton Esq.It is crossed by the Midland railway. Haworth is the principal mansion


In 1856 was described as a township and scattered village with 1050 acres and 206 souls. It included the hamlet of The Ickles and belonged chiefly to John Fullerton Esq.


Various early references to Brinsworth: Refer also to Tinsley

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Copies of the book about both Brinsworth & Catcliffe villages, 1 minimum donation.

The funders of the book are the South Yorkshire Key Fund , and the groups who took on the project, were Atlas Tara, BLIG (Brinsworth Library Improvement Group) and Catcliffe Darby and Joan Club.

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