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Maltby Pit Disaster of 1923

A Miners' Story

The explosion occurred in a byway off the main haulage road on the east plane at a distance of 1300 yards from the shaft. Nothing was heard of it above ground.

James Bamborough, who was at work in the mine not far from the explosion, said he was with party of a dozen men in No. 5 district in the north-west part of the pit.

This was one of several such parties who were 'gobblng', that is, attempting to block up gob holes where there was fire. Two of the colliery's rescue team were in his party. They heard the explosion which appeared to be in the middle east district between sections 53 and 95. Bamborough when asked what he himself heard of the explosion replied:

'She went once when we were in and some chaps got gassed by the explosion and had to come out. We were then sent to 53 section to relieve them, and just as we were going along the wind suddenlly changed, that is, the ventilation had been reversed. She must have gone off somewhere else. (This was evidently the twin explosion which Bamborough did not hear) Then they came to make the road clear to get the tubs out so that they could get rescue parties to recover the chaps that were in.'       continued »


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