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People of Note

Will of William Hewett (1496-1567)

... Thomas Huet his brother, of Bilby in Derbyshire, Esq. and his nephew Henry Hewet, executors. He was a benefactor to divers hospitals in London, and to the poor of the several parishes. He bequeathed to the poor in the hospital of St. Thomas in Southwark, whereof he was president, 20s ; and to every poor maiden's marriage, that shall be wedded in the parish of Wales, or Harthill,Yorkshire, within a year after his decease, 6s. 8d. each. He bequeathed to his nephews, Henry, and William Huet, sons of his brother Thomas Huet, his mansion and dwelling in Philpot Lane in London.


3 January, the sixth yere of Elizabeth (1566-7) . Sir William Huett, knight, citizen and alderman of London.
To be buried in the parishe churche of St Martyn Orgar, in the warde of Candleweke streate in London, where I was late parishioner, nere unto the place where Dame Alyce Huett, my late wel beloved wief, lyeth.
To the repayringe of the churche beforesayde ...
To Mr Wythers,parson of the same, ... yardes of blacke clothe for a gowne.
To the pore people within the warde of Candleweke v li.
To the companye of Clothworkers of London, beinge of the lyverye, which shall attende uppon my bodye to the buriall, xv li. for a repaste or dynner.
To the relief of the poor in the hospital of St Thomas, in Sowthworke, whereof I am a presidente, xx li .
To the poore within the parishe of Wales, in the countie of Yorke, fourtye shillinges.
To the poore of Harthill and Wooddall iij li .
To Alyce Osborne, dawghter of my sonne in lawe Edwarde Osborne, and my goddaughter, one hundreth poundes at xxi yeres or marriage, and if it shall happen the same Alice Osborne to decease, then I will the same shall remayne to Edward Osborne her father and Anne Osborne her mother.
To Dyonise Calthroppe dwellinge with me x li.
To my godson John Lewson, sonne of Thomas Lewson, mercer, one cuppe with a cover of silver gilte, weyinge xx ounces .
To everie of the children of the same Thomas Lewson xl s. a peice.
To Brigett Huett, dawghter of my brother Thomas Huett, lli .
To Dyonis Huette, now dwellinge with me, cc li . on the day of her mariage.
To Richard Foster my servaunte fyve poundes.
To my servaunte John Rodes iij li. vj s . iiij d ., and all that farme in Harthill payinge yerely xxvj s . viij d .
To Robert Son of Edmund Hewet, of Wales, co . York . He was one of the most successful merchants of the times, and Lord Mayor of London in 1559 .
Barett my apprentice v li .
To Henry Spencer my apprentice v li.
To Saunder Huett my servaunte x li .
To Alice Sweton my mayden servaunte x li.
To Johane Broke my mayden vi li .
To Robert Barker my kytchen boye iij li . vj s . viij d.
To my brother Thomas Lewson and his wief vij yardes of blacke clothe, and to either of them a ringe of golde of the valewe of xl s .
To Edmonde Calthroppe my brother in lawe and to his wief vij yardes of blacke, and to either a ringe of golde of the value of xl s .
To my lovinge freinde John Stonarde of Loughton, in Essex, esquire, and to his wief, a ringe of goulde of the value of xl s .
To my kynesman William Huett, of the parishe of St Dyonis Backechurche, and to his wief, vij yardes of blacke clothe, and to either a ringe of gowlde of the value of xl s. and xxx s. a pece.
To the poore of Cuyston and Hallinge in Kent e twentye shillinges .
To Robert Wilson of Wales, my baylief, two yardes of clothe at x s . p. yarde, for a coate.
To Randall Symes my kynesman, apprentice with my cosen William Huett, x li.
To Richard Symes his brother xI s .
To Jarvis Thurlande my apprentice fyve pounde.
To my godsone William Strete iij Ii . vj s. viij d.
To my goddaughter Dionys Streete iij li . vj s . viij d.
To Fraunces Huett, sonne of my cosen Henry Huett, towardes his bringinge upp i n litterature and learninge in the universitie of Cambridge, x li.
To the children of my cosen Nicholas Symes xl s.
Amongst the children of my cosen Thomas Symes xl s.
To Richard Bellame, drap., a blacke gowne and a ringe of golde.
To Mr John Mynars, deputye of my warde, and to his wief, vij yardes of cloth at xvj s. the yarde.
To Mr James Hawes of London, alderman, and to his wief, vij yardes of blacke cloth at xvj s. the yarde, and to either a ringe of golde.
To William Caten and his wief vij yardes of clothe at xvj s. a yarde.
To Robert Sharpe, goldesmyth, and to his wief, vij yardes of black cloth.
To Mr Rosse, mercer, iiij yardes of blacke cloth.
To Lonne the servante fowre yardes of blacke cloth.
And whereas Jeffrey Snagge of Haveringe, at Bowre, cloth owe me c li. and above, puttinge in bonde for paymentes in ii j yeres, shal be discharged for the overplus, and do geve him ij yardes of blacke clothe for a coate .
T geve to the right honorable the Earl of Shrewsbury a ringe of golde of the value of iiij with lettres of my name, and to my ladye, nowe his wief, a ringe of the value of xl s.
To my Lorde Talbotte, sonne of the saide erle, a ringe of golde of the value of xI s., and to the Ladye Talbott his wief a ringe of xxx s.
To my dere freinde Sir Jarvis Clifton, knighte, a ringe of golde.
I release Thomas Aylewarde of Coggeshall, clothier, all such debte as he shall owe me.
To Arragon the beadell of my warde one goune of blacke clothe.
To the poore prysoners of Newegate xxvj s. viij d., to be bestowed in herringes, breade, and drincke, to the poore prisoners in Ludgate and in the twoe compters three poundes.
My will is that when there shall be made a newe provicon for conveyinge of water unto this citie, that then my executors shall geve twoe foder of Peke leade.
To everye poore maydens mariage at Harthill and Wailes vj s . viij d. a peice, within twoo of the firste and nexte yeres after my decease.
To xxiiij poore men of the clothworkers a gowne cloth.
To my nephewe Henry Huett, sonne of my brother Thomas Huett, all my messuage called the sig[n]e of the three Cranes in Candleweke streete, and for defaulte of yssue to his father Thomas Huett, my brother, and after the decease of the same Thomas to Edward Osborne my sonne.
To William Huett my godson all my parsonage of Ovyton Bassett, in the countie of Leicester, and my landes in Maunsfeylde in Shrewoode (Mansfield in Sherwood), in the countie of Nott., and to the heires of his bodye, and for defaulte of yssue to Henry Huett his brother.
To William Huett my godsonne, towardes his exhebycon in Grayes Inne, fiftie poundes.
To Edward Osborne landes called Wodsettes (Woodsetts).
To Edward Osborne and to Anne his wief all howshold stuff in my mansion or dwelling howse in Philpotte Lane in London, excepte all my redye money, jewelles, silver plate, wares, and marchandise.
To Henry Huett all my beddes, etc ., in messuage called iij Crane s in Candleweke Strete .
To Anne Osborne my dawghter one tonne of silver gilte, waying xxxiiij ounces and g te7 , and one Mawdlyne cuppe with a cover of silver gilte wayinge xxxvi j ounces g te1.
To Henry Lyllie xx li.
To Katheryn Wilson x li.
To Robert Grene my coke fyve marckes .
To Richard Whalye a ringe of gold, and also to his bedfellowe a ring e of golde, and to my cosen Fraunces Roades a ringe .
To my brother Thomas Huett all my tenemente in S r Clement lane for lyef, and after to Henry Huett .
My mynde is wheras there is a bargayne concluded betwene me and my cosen Henry Huett of Bylbie, for the purchase of his messuage called Cannowe, in the countye of Darbye, that th e same shall stande.
To Joseph Huett his brother tenne poundes.
To Roberte Harryson of Blithe (Blyth, Notts) a ringe of golde, and to his wief.
To my brother Thomas Huett vi li.
To my nephewe Henry Huett iiij li .
The residue of my goodes I geve unto Edwarde Osborne and to my dawghter Anne, his wief.
The residue of all my landes to descende to Ann Osborne my dawghter and to her heires.
I make Thomas Huett my brother, Edward Osborne, and Anne his wief, and Henry Huette my nephewe, my executors.

Proved 11 March, 1566-7

The Hewet Family

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