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Rev. John Hewytt (Hewet) (1723- 1811)

Rev. John Hewytt was christened on 26 SEP 1723 at Harthill. His brother Mathew was christened 20 MAY 1725 at Harthill.

From Parish Records of Harthill 1823:

John the son John Hewytt Rector of Harthill (by Ann his wife).
Grandson of Rev Mr John Hewytt late Rector of the same place
Great Grandson of Mr John Hewytt late of London Barbados Merchant
and Great Great Grandson of Rev Dr John Hewytt. Chaplin in Ordinary to his late Majesty King Charles the first sc (two initials maybe sc?) was born Aug 29 1723 and baptised Sept 26 following.
The Right Hon. Marquiss of Carmarthan and Right Hon. Earl of Craven being Godfathers and Lady Hewitt of Shire Oak being Godmother.

He was son of Rev. John Hewett of Harthill, and Lord of the Manor of Shireoaks.

After the death of Hammond Turner, Rector of Treeton and Todwick in 1774, John Hewet became Rector of Todwick from 1775 until his death.

The Hewett Arms in Shireoaks is named after his family.

Map showing Shireoaks area, 1790 After the death of John Thornhagh , the Shireoaks Estate passed to him. On his accession he resolved to devote some of the family estate to a benevolent purpose; he accordingley built a chapel at Shireoaks which was opened in 1809. The first imcumbant was the Rev. George Savile, B.A. The chapel was consecrrated in August of 1810.

At this time, living with John Hewet was his niece Ann, the daughter of his brother, Matthew, she was married to Rev. William Wheatley, Rector of Seamer, Scarborough, and they had two sons.

Ann Hewitt married on 14 AUG 1777 at Harthill to William Wheatley. Their son William was born 1778.

Shireoaks ChapelThe younger of the sons, John Wheatley, a Major in the Nottingham Militia, was gifted the estate in 1810. It is recorded that less than six hours after the execution of this gift, the devisee contracted the estate to Vincent Eyre, Esq. the agent of Charles, Duke of Norfolk.

Rev. Hewet was still living here at the time. Felling of the trees began, much to the distress of himself and the whole neighbourhood.

Sheffield Archives - Arundel Castle Manuscripts(Reference: ACM/SP/36) hold details of Legal opinions about the Hewett property of the Manor of Shireoaks, etc. Creation dates: 1810:
In connection with deeds executed by the Rev. John Hewett conveying the reversion of the fee simple expectant to Major John Wheatley. There are statements relating to the actual signing of the deeds, it being contended that Hewett was unaware of the contents. Also a few letters from Hewett, Wheatley, etc.

Rev. Hewet was never married; he died aged 89, on 30th December, 1811 at Shireoaks Hall.

His death was the signal for the demolition of the mansion, which was effected and the materials sold and carried away. A small portion of the area was purchased by a John Frogatt, agent of the Duke of Norfolk, formerly of Worksop Manor, who set up a home for himself and his wife Martha here. Martha died in November, 1856 aged 85.

Shireoaks Hall along with The Worksop Estates was sold to the Duke of Newcastle in 1840.

Rev. Hewet was buried in Shireoaks chapel where a marble slab bore the inscription The Rev. John Hewet died Dec. 30th, 1811, aged 89.



Who was MARGARET HEWETT married SAMUEL MULLINS 19 SEP 1725 at Harthill.


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