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Stacye of Sheffield & Ballifield Hall

Malin Stacey of Attercliffe and Darnall. Parents uncertain owing to the existence of more than one of this name, but presuably of the Ballifield Handsworth family. Malin married twice, firstly at Handsworth 10.8.1597 to Margaret daughter of John and Alice Nodder of Handsworth. Margaret was buried 18. 6. 1603 and he married on 24. 9. 1605 to Anne widow of William Slacke, leading Grammar School Governor and daughter of Alexander and Isabel Hatfield. Anne's daughter m. Richard Shemeld the ironmonger. Malin was also A Governor of Sheffield Free Grammar School and was succeeded by his son Robert who married Margaret Rawson of Upperthorpe. He was living in Attercliffe and Darnall when he paid 18s. in 1606 School Assessment. he was Town Collector in 1609. Concerned in various property sales on Sheffield district and in 1613 bought Owlerton Manor from Thomas Creswick. In 1624 he was paying 4 rent for Slack Wheel at Loxley.

In 1630 he paid a 10 fine for refusing a knighthood. Three Burgesses, James Bright, Stephen Bright and Malin Stacey, demonstrated that they were not the King's men when they refused knighthoods during the reign of Charles I.

In his will dated 10.11.1636 described as of Sheffield parish, left money for poor of Sheffield town and of Hallam and bequested some silver. He was buried at Sheffield 18.11.1636.¹

Robert Stacie, son of Malin was Master Cutler in 1630. In 1652 a court-baron of the Manor of Owlerton was held in the name of Robert Stacie, who in 1657 signed a receipt to John Staniforth, the younger for 19s.8d. for a relief of such lands as the right to Thomas Earl of Arundel holdeth of the Manor of Ollerton'. In 1666 a court baron was held when Robert Stacie was Lord. In 1675, Robert Sorsby was Lord of the Manor of Owlerton.

Robert Stacie and Margaret (Nee Rawson) had 3 children:


In 1669, Malin Stacy, gent, aged 25 of Owlerton married Jane Sothaby, spinster aged 19, late of Birdsall now Acomb, at Sheffield.


The Malyn Stacye who benefited from a Sheffield will in 1566 is the first male who is known to have borne this distinctive forename ...' ²


Ballifield Hall, 1800

In An historical narrative of the Ely, Revell and Stacye families the Stacyes are reported to have held Ballifield Estate in Yorkshire from the time of the Norman Conquest

A John Stacy of Balifelde was witness to a Grant, by Giles de la Boure in Handsworth, in 1366, and is witness in a Quitclaim by John Maples of Sheffield in 1396. John Stacy witness to a Grant by Thomas de Orgrave in 1398.

Robert Stasy and Joan his wife, Richard Stasy and Joan his wife, John Stasy, marshall and Ibota his wife are all recorded in the Handsworth Subsidy Rolls of 1379

The family were converted to Quakerism by George Fox and had a private cemetery on their estate at Cinderhill. George Fox's first contacts in this area were the Staceys. Meetings were held both at Cinder Hill Green and Thomas Stacey's house in 1654. Just over a decade later, Cinder Hill Meeting was recorded as part of Pontefract Monthly Meeting. In 1669, it became part of Balby Monthly Meeting, covering Woodhouse and Hackenthorpe as well. The Stacey family was by this time the mainstay of the Meeting.


Ann Stacye, eldest daughter of Robert Stayce late of Ballifield, then of London, and ? Sweetapple married Thomas Aldam at Warmsworth, Doncaster. Children: Thomas, John, William, Mary,Elizabeth and Ann.


John Stacey born about 1539 married in 1557, Anne, daughter of Thomas Parker and Elizabeth (nee Holmes) of Whitley Hall, Ann was widow of Thomas Scargill. John died in 1593. Anne died in 1609. Children:

Anne Booth, (b1579), daughter of John Booth and Ann Revell, married Thomas Stacye of Ballifield, on 18th May, 1597 at Handsworth; she brought considerable property to her husband.

Children of Thomas and Ann Stacye (Nee Booth):

Children of John (1598-1658) and Mary Stacye (1600-1683)(nee Fulwood):

Rebecca Ely was daughter of George Ely (d.1656) and Sarah (1628-1668) both of Mansfield. (Another daughter of George and Sarah, Ruth Ely (1650-1672) married Lionel Revell)

Children of Mahlon and Rebecca Stacye:

Mahlon Stacye (1638-1704) emigrated to New Jersey, USA, in and founded Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey. Refer to An historical narrative of the Ely, Revell and Stacye families

Extract ...The favorable accounts written home by the first settlers in West Jersey stimulated immigration and soon there was an accession to the population. The Shield, of Hull, Captain Towes, arrived November 10, 1678, the first English vessel that ascended as high up as Burlington. A fresh gale brought her up the river, and during the night she was blown in to shore where she made fast to a tree. It came on cold and the next morning the passengers walked ashore on the ice. As the Shield passed the place where Philadelphia stands, the passengers remarked what a fine place for a town. Among the passengers were Mahlon Stacy , his wife, seven daughters, several servants, his cousin Thomas Revel, and William Emley (Probably Mahlon Stacy's brother-in-law), with his wife, two children, and four servants. The passengers by the Shield, and other ships that followed the same year, settled at Burlington, Salem, and other points on the river. A few found their way into Bucks county. Among those who came with the West Jersey settlers in 1678 was Benjamin Duffield, the ancestor of the Pennsylvania family of that name. By the end of 1678 it is estimated that William Penn had been the means of sending some eight hundred settlers to this country, mostly Friends. ... Source


The following 2 pedigrees are from FAMILY MINORUM GENTIUM

in which Hunter comments:

In will of Alexander Nodder, mention of a Malin Stacye, father of Robert & Elizabeth.

Will of Malin Stacye of Ballifield, 8 May 1644, has many Stacies but not easily connected.

Malin Stacie of Ballifield, parish of Hansworth, yeoman, written 2 May 1644. Beneficiaries: poor of Hansworth (40s), Richard SHEMELD of Sheffield, Edward STONES the elder of Ulley (10) & his brothers & sisters (5s each), Robert STACIE of Ellerton (Owlerton) Hall (5), Robert STACIE & William STACIE sons of Richard STACIE late of Sheffield, deceased, Robert STACIE son of William STACIE late of Eckington deceased, Thomas STACIE my son in law, Anne wife of William BINNEY, Margaret wife of William WALKER, Thomas SMITH of Crookesmoorside & Ann SMITH his daughter, Malin LILLY, children of Nicholas TRIPPETT, deceased, children of George STACIE late of Doncaster, deceased, children of Robert PYE late of Blythe, deceased, children of Edmund SWIFTE, late of Darnall, deceased, my servants, Ann (STACIE) my wife (to have remainder of goods & chattles. Supervisors; brother in law John STACIE & Edward STONES. Witnesses: William LEE & John NODDER. (signed & sealed Malin Stacy). (Proved Jan-Apr 1645).


I conceive that the father of the 7 children who all lived to be married was a Thomas Stacie, as I find George Fox, at the beginning of his Ministry, visiting several times a Thomas Stacie of Ballifleld.

There are to be added to the Pedigree: John, son of Malin Stacie, who d. 11 Dec. 1671, & is buried in the ground at Cinder Hill, & Mary Stacie of Cinder Hill, who d. 23 Jan. 1683, & is bur. in the same place.

In the same ground are, or were, Memorials for Elizabeth, dau. of George Ely, late of Mansfield, who d. 27 Dec. 1672 ; and for Judith, late wife of George Harrison of Orgreave, who d. 3 June 1688 ; & these with the persons mentioned in the Pedigree were all for whom there were Memorials when I visited the place March 28, 1802, and here I am, Sep. 7, 1845, recording them, & using the materials then gathered. Mrs Rhodes in her will 1669 names also Thomas Stacie, who is uncle to Mahlon Lillie ; Ann, w. of William Harrison ; Margaret Wallier (Walker ?) of Darnal & Margaret Newbould, her dau. & h.; her friend & cozen William Laughton who wrote the will.

In the will of Mary Farnworth occurs also Thos, John, & Mary, children of Thos Aldam of Warmsworth, certain Kelhams , and Rebecca and Edy Ardron. Mahlon Stacye of Dore House, psh. of Handsworth, mar. Rebecca Ely (?) of Mansfield 2 July 1668.

The children of both John & Thomas Stacie are found in the wills of Anne Rhodes or Mary Farnworth.

Mahlon Stacyes was of Dore House Hansworth & mar. Rebecca Ely of Mansfield 29 May 1668 at Godfrey Watkinson's house.

STACYE: Ms.561
in which Hunter comments:

See York Wills 2121, 2122. Beside Stacye of Ballifield & Stacye of Hansworth Woodhouse there were several obscure families of the name at Hansworth. The Ballifield people say they have been there from the Conquest. So the Aldams of their relations.



Richardus Stacye Aug 1560/1

Nichus Stacye Nov 1564

Elizabetha Stacie Aug 1567/68

Wills Stacie June 1571/72

Anna Stacy daughter of Johis Stacy July 1574/5

Ricus Stacye son of Johis Stacye Oct 1575/6

Isabella Stacye dau of Willi Stacye Jan 1576

Lawrenti' Stacye son of Willi Stacye May 1579

Alicia Stacye dau of Johis Stacye July 1579

Elizabetha Stacye dau of Willi Stacye Nov 1583/4

Johes Stacye son of Johis Stacye Aug 1585/6

Nichus Stacye son of Johis Stacye May 1588/9

Ricus Stacye son of Johis Stacye Nov 1592

Hugo son of Johis Stacye Dec 1595/6

Thomas son of Johannis Stacye Sept 1599

Henricus son of Alicie Stacye, putative father Phillippo Malom Nov 1599

Nichus son of Thome Stacie Oct 1599/1600

Maria daughter of Johis Stacie Dec 1599/1600

Robt son of Rici Stacie May 1600/01

Robt' son of Malin' Stacye June 1602/3

Thomas son of Thomse Stacie Feb 1603/4

Jacobus son of Richi Stacie Dec 1604/5

Georgius son of Thomas Stacie Oct 1605

Margareta daughter of Johnis Stacie Sept 1605/6

Willmus son of Thomse Stacie Sept 1606/7

Rosa dau of Richi Stacy Dec 1608

Anna dau of Johnis Stacy June 1609

Robertus son of Roberti Stacy March 1610

Willmus son of Johnis Stacie Sept 1611

Willmus son of Richi Stacy July 1611/12

Johnes son of Johnis Stacy Dec 1613/14

Jacobus son of Richi Stacy Sept 1616

Elizab' dau Robti Stacy July 1620

Maria dau Robti Stacy Aug 1626/7

Anna dau Nicolai Stacy June 1628

Anna dau Tho' Stacy July 1628

Malin, son of Robert Stacy Oct 1628

Sara dau Georgij Stacy March 1628/9

Maria dau Robti Stacy Sept 1629

Hellena dau Robti Stacy Dec 1630

Johannes son of Georgij Stacy Jan 1630

Hellena dau Nich' Stacy April 1631

Tho' son of Thomae Stacie Jan 1633

Elizab' dau Georgij Stacy Feb 1634


Nichus Greaves m Anna Stacye Sept 1561

Edwardus Greaves m. Alicia Stacye Feb 1562

Johes Stacie m. Agnes Pearson May 1571

ffrancisc' Stacye m. Anna Mytchell July 1571

Johes Stacye m Elizabetha ffysher Jan 1572

Thomas Robinson m. Phillippa Stacy Nov 1596/7

Thomas Stacy m Elizabeth' Smith Oct 1598

Ric'us Stacie m. Alicia England May 1600

Petrus Malum m. Alicia Stacie Nov 1601/3

Malin' Stacie m. Anna Slacke Sept 1605

Johannes Stacy m Anna Ronksley wid April 1611

Johannes Stacy m Anna Ronksley vid July 1611

Robertus Stacy m Hellena Bower Nov 1613

Nich' Stacy m Elizab' Murgatroide Aug 1620

Richus Shemeld m Elizab' Stacy Jan 1620/21

Robtus Stacy m. Margreta Norris Jan 1622/23

Nich' Stacy m. Maria Oakes Nov 1623/4

Will' Stacy m Margreta Hall June 1626

Thomas Stacy m Sara Skofield widow May 1628

Geo' Stacy m Benetta Penniston Oct 1628

Robert Stacie, cutler, m. Alice Smith, widow, at Sheffield 1633

Robert Stacy, chapman, m. Rosamond Warter, widow, Sheffield 1636

Thomas Chappell, gent m. Lydia Stacy, spinster, at Sheffield in 1660

John Stacy, butcher, age 30, of Sheffield, m. Dorothy Raines, widow, 30, of Dinnington in 1662 at Dinnington

Robert Scargill, cutler, 24, m. Mary Stacy, spinster, 22, Sheffield in 1665 at Sheffield

Gregory Revill, gent.aged 25, of Sheffield, m. Mary Stacy, spinster, 20, of Ecclesfield in 1674 (either place)

John Heywood gen., age 33, Ravenfield m Elizabeth Stacy, spinster, 23, of Sheffield to be m. at Ravenfield, Thribergh or Penistone
Source: Pavers


From 1874 to 1891 Thomas Watson Cadman was at Ballifield Hall.

Ballifield Hall was eventually bought in 1950 by Sheffield Corporation and used as a home for the elderley.


Feoffment and other deeds 1711-1788

A cottage at Newfield Green in Nether Hallam, Sheffield in the parish of Sheffield and three closes - Upper Spring Meadow, Nether Spring Meadow, and Little Stubbing. Feoffment. Isaac Fenthan ( Fenton?) of Eckington, Derbyshire and Hannah his wife (daughter of Hannah Revill, daughter of Thomas Revill, by her husband Thomas Kay) to Anne Fayram of Carleton in Lindrick, Nottinghamshire, widow, for 127. 28 September, 1711. With a bond for performance.
Deed to lead uses. John Stacy of Carlton in Lindrick, yeoman, makes John Jackson of Wath, Yorkshire yeoman, a tenant to suffer a fine. 1 January, 1731/2.
Mortgage (lease and release). Malin Stacy of Sheffield, cutler, brother of John Stacy of Misterton, Nottinghire yeoman deceased, who was nephew and heir of John Stacy late of Misterton, and June his wife, to Robert Brownhill of Heeley, Sheffield in the parish of Sheffield, yeoman, for 100, endorsed with a further loan. 24 and 25 March, 1748.
Conveyance (lease and release). Malin Stacy, with Jane his wife, and Mary, mother of John Stacy, and Thomas brother of John Stacy, with Robert Brownhill, to Thomas Holy of Sheffield, buttonmaker, for the mortgage money paid to Brownhill and several other sums to the Stacy brothers. 16 and 17 April, 1751.
Final concords.
Conveyance (lease and release). Thomas Holy of Sheffield, buttonmaker, and Daniel Holy of Sheffield, silverplater, through Thomas Newbould of Sheffield, sheersmith, and James Walton of Thurlstone, oil merchant, trustees of the will of their father, Thomas Holy of Sheffield, buttonmaker, to George Woodhead of Highfield, merchant, for 650. 9 and 10 March, 1778
Source Sheffield Archives, Younge Wilson Deeds Ref: YWD 1791


1. 'We of our Bounty, History of Sheffield Church Burgesses', by George Tolley
2. ' Family names and family history' by David Hey
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