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Genealogy & Family History

Rhodes of Barlborough & Great Houghton

The family traced its descent from Gerard de Rodes, a prominent baron who lived in the reigns of Henry II, Richard I, John and Henry III, and was sent by king John, as an ambassador, into foreign parts.

Francis Rodes (1530?1589), judge, born about 1530, was son of John Rodes of Staveley Woodthorpe, Derbyshire, by his first wife, Attelina, daughter of a Thomas Hewett of Wales in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

His principal seat was at Barlborough, Derbyshire, where he built the hall; he purchased estates at Billingsley, Darfield, Great and Little Houghton, all in Yorkshire.

Great Houghton Hall, built of stone by Francis Rodes, for his fourth son, Sir Godfrey Rodes
Great Houghton Hall

Francis married twice: Elizabeth, daughter of Brian Sandford of Thorpe Salvin, Rotherham; and, Maria, eldest daughter of Francis Charlton of Appley in Shropshire. Her sister Elizabeth married John Manners, fourth earl of Rutland, who appointed Rodes one of his executors.

He died 1589 at Staveley Woodthorpe. His will, was proved on 28 April 1591

Will of Frances Rodes

He confirms the conveyances previously made to his younger sons Peter, Godfrey, Robert and Frances of his manors of Haughton, Billingley and Hickleton and lands in Haughton, Billingley and Hickleton, Darfield and Bolton, Yorkshire. and instructs his servants Thomas Boyer and Richard Crosby that Godfrey, the eldest son by his second wife Mary, is to have the manors of Haughton, Billingley and lands in Haughton, Billingley and Darfield, and a certain 600 due; the manor of Barlbrough, Derbyshire, which he had settled on his son Frances the elder, by his first wife to allure him to study, he now leaves to his eldest son John owing to the untowardness of Frances, who is to have two rent charges amounting to 40; he directs that the portion of his daughter Katheren be made up to 1000 marks; that of his daughter Troweth to 600; his daughter Elizabeth, if the marriage being arranged between her and Richard Tempest shall not take place, to have the benefits devised for the marriage; his 4 youngest daughters Attaline, Cicely, Judeth and Bridgett 500 a piece and to be brought up at Wodthorpe or Barlbrough by his eldest son John; to his 'daughter Bassett' a chain of gold value 40 which he desires her to bequeath to 'her sonne and myne Nedd Bassett'; to the newe erected Grammar School at Staveley Netherthorpe, Derbyshire, the finding of 2 scholarships in St. John's Cambridge 8 p.a. and 4 p.a. to the relief of maimed soldiers in Staveley, Barlbrough and Elmeton, Derbyshire from certain rent charges; certain rent charges from the manor of Elmeton to his servant Jeffrey Wattsonn, who is to assist his son John in the better getting of coal and ironstone , he to have 6 13s. 4d. every year the colliers get 2000 loades and 5 marks for any further 1000 loades; other bequests to servants. Probate granted in Court of Arches. 14 Aug. 1589.

Edward Rhodes, the grandson of Francis Rhodes of Staveley Woodthorpe married in 1629 to Mary, daughter of Sir Hammond Whichcote (WITHCOATE) and Millicent Markham (m. 1604 at Laughton-en-le-Morthen). (Robert son of Sir Hammond Whichcote (WITHCOATE) was baptised 1605 at Laughton-en-le-Morthen.

Sir John Rodes, of Barlborough, was the eldest son of Judge Rodes, by Catherine, third daughter of Marmaduke Constable, of Holderness, in the county of York. Sir Francis, his son, who was the fifteenth generation from the above Gerard de Rodes, was knighted on the 9th of August, 1641, and five days afterwards was created a baronet. He married Elizabeth, daughter and sole heiress of Sir George Lassels, of Sturton and Gateford, in the county of Nottingham. He was succeeded by his son, Sir Francis, the second baronet, who married the daughter of Sir Gervase Clifton, of Clifton, Nottingham, and died in 1651. Sir Francis, his son, married Martha, daughter of William Thornton, of Grantham, Lincoln, gent. He was succeeded by Sir John Rodes, his son, who died without issue in the year 1743, and was the last person who enjoyed the title.

The sister of Sir John Rodes married Gilbert Heathcote, Esq. whose eldest son became possessed of the manor of Barlborough, and took the name of Rodes; but dying unmarried, his nephew, Cornelius Heathcote, esq. succeeded to the estate, and also took the name of Rodes. He died the 6th of March, 1825, aged 70, and was succeeded by his nephew, the Rev. Cornelius Heathcote Reaston, who has also assumed the name of Rodes.


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