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Genealogy & Family History



Cutforthay Family of Braithwell and Rotherham

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Edward CUTFORTHAY married 1615 Maltby Agneta YAITE. Their daughter Ann was born 1619 at Braithwell.

Thomas CUTFORTHAY,born 1615 at Braithwell married 1640 Braithwell to Elizabeth MORE (b. 1621 Todwick). Children:

Children of John and Elizabeth(Nee More)

John CUTFORTHAY(1715-1780), who was a surgeon as well as a wine merchant, was a well known Rotherham character, 6ft. 3ins. in height, it is said that his weight was 40 stones, and on his death a hook and pulley was fastened to the roof of the Parish Church in order to assist in the lowering of his coffin into its grave in the north aisle.

He bequeathed 50s. to the poor of Rotherham.

John married Jane Steer(c1716/17 Ecclesfield) daughter of Rev William Steer and Ann Banks. Children:

Thomas CUTFORTHAY, b.1556 Rotherham married in 1581 Rotherham to Margaret REVELL,born 1563 Rotherham
Ann CUTFORTHAY married in 1598 to John JUBB
Elizabeth CUTFORTHAY married in 1599 to Robert SWIFT
Margaret CUTFORTHAY married in 1606 to Thomas SWIFT
Gertrude CUTFORTHAY married in 1627 to Thomas WIGFALL
Anne CUTFORTHAY married in 1629 to William BOOMER


In 1802 John Cutforthay was living at Aughton Hall, Rotherham, he was married to Sarah Fenton, daughter of James Fenton of Carr House.

In 1840 Robert Cutforthay Hoyle was of Aughton Hall a relative of William Fretwell Hoyle steward of the manor of Laughton on-le-Morthen.


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