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Aerial images of Rotherham


Magna and Brinsworth Strip Mill, Rotherham
Magna and Brinsworth Strip Mill, Rotherhamm
Magna and Brinsworth Strip Mill, Rotherham


The above images have been split into 2 for easier viewing. If you wish to see the original image,which is 220kb, please click here


Russell Weaver was brought up in Broom Valley and attended Oakwood School.

He is now based in Sheffield and as well as his love of flying, he is with the Sheffield rock band, The Bootleggers.

He has passed exams in Aviation Law, Navigation, Aeroplane Technical, Human performance, Meteorology, Flight Planning and Performance, and Radio Telephony and is now qualified to fly Cessna 150, 152 & 172.

Russ flies from Netherthorpe , the home of Sheffield Aeroclub.

Images 1 to 8 and 10 to 11 © R. Weaver

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