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History of Thurcroft

Community Groups in the 1970s

The Cottage Garden and Allotment Association was formed in 1924, poor wages meant that the miners had to grow a lot of the food that their families ate.

In 1975 there were 60 tenants renting allotments, for the privilege of cultivating a small piece of land the tenants paid 1 a year - 20p per week, old age pensioners paid 5p. There was always a waiting list of people wanting to join.

The association purchased seed, fertiliser etc.. in bulk and sold to the members at a much reduced price. Trading in seed etc. in 1974 amounted to over 1,000.

The average age of the tenants was 50. The association held an annual show at the Miners Welfare and a weekly show at the Thurcroft Hotel.

The Thurcroft Welfare Hall is still used today in 2007 for different group meetings and activities one of which is a Dance School for children with classes during the week but mainly on Saturdays, there's also keep fit classes and a Bowling Club, the bowling green is at the back of the hall, these are only a few of the activities that the hall is used for.


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