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Domesday name: Chibereworde

Situated near Motte Way are the earthwork remains of a possible motte and bailey, consisting of a large well-defined mound. It may not be a conventional motte. Scheduled as a Motte and Bailey by English Heritage.

Kimberworth Road Chapel was opened in 1904 at a cost of 2500. It seated 300 adults and 480 children.

St. Pauls Church, Kimberworth Road was built in 1932 at a cost of 3000. It seated 320

Kimberworth Woodlands

Bassingthorpe Spring
is a small woodland situated 2 kilometres north-east of the centre of Rotherham, on the eastern edge of the Kimberworth Park estate.



Kimberworth Woodlands
Grange Park Woodlands
comprises five woodlands situated within Grange Park, on the edge of Kimberworth. All five woodlands are long and thin in shape. Walkworth Wood is the largest and is joined to Barber Wood, which merges into the woodland of Ockley Bottom. To the west lie the adjacent woodlands of Gallery Bottom and Kennel Wood.

In the mid 1800's Kimberworth was described as a village 2 miles west of Rotherham to which its township extended. It included the suburbs of Masbrough and The Holmes ; and the hamlets of Blackburn , Jordan Dam, Scholes ; also Grange Hall, the seat of the Earl of Effingham, the Lord of the Manor, and owner of a great part of the land. The township contained 6920 inhabitants and 2940 acres of land. It had several chapels in Masbrough, and near the village of Kimberworth, the district church, of St. Thomas, built in 1838 by subscription, and a grant of 500 from the Church Building Society. The Vicar of Rotherham was patron of the perpetual curacy, enjoyed by the Rev. Russell Cope, whose parochial district comprised about 2100 people. The township school was endowed with 8 18s.0d. a year and at Blackburn where there are many fork makers, is a National School supported by the Countess of Effingham.

Thundercliffe Grange

The seat of Lord Howard of Effingham, in the township of Kimberworth. This house was a Grange of the Cistercian Abbey of Kirkstead, in Lincolnshire, which had forges and other considerable property in this part of the parish of Ecclesfield, and the adjoining parish of Rotherham, of the gift of De Busli and De Lovetot. Previous to the erection of a Grange by the monks of Kirkstead, there appears to have been a small hermitage here, dedicated to St. John the Baptist. After the dissolution the Grange was bought by one of the family of Rokeby, and passing through the hands of several families, the Wombwells, Shiercliffes, and Greens, in quick succession, became the property of The Right Hon. Thomas, the third Earl of Effingham, who took down the old Grange; and near its site, about the year 1777, laid the foundation of the present handsome edifice. On his decease, without issue, it passed to his brother Richard, the fourth Earl of Effingham, who made it for many years his usual summer residence. He died in 1816.

Tradesmen in early 1800s

John Gregory, Fork Maker
James Gregory Fork Maker
Samuel Hall, Blacksmith
William Le'Fall, Schoolmaster
S. Lockwood Corn miller, Grange Mill
Samuel Lockwood, Wheelwright
Thomas Massey, Fork Maker
Mary Nicholson , Old Green Dragon
William Oxley, Wheelwright at Kimberworth Hill Top.
Matthew Roberts , Blacksmith
Benjamin Sidons Fork Maker
John Steel, flax dresser
George Walker Joiner & shopkeeper

Tradesmen in early 1833

¹ reside at Blackburn Moor, ² Bradgate, ³ Hill Top, • Kimberworth, † Netherfold,
‡ Parkgate,∗ Scholes.

Lord Howard of Effingham, Grange Hall
∗ Joseph Cooper, Botanical Gardener
¹ George Elliot, Schoolmaster
William Farnham, Engineer, Gallow Tree Hill
• Han. Goodinson, Schoolmistress
William Goodinson, Book-keeper, Holmes Colliery
∗Benjamin Guest, Victualler
¹ Thomas Handley, Pheasant Beerhouse
† Thomas Hodson, Nail Maker
² Thomas Kent, Victualler
• Eml. Le Tall, Boarding and Day School
• George Lodge, Shopkeeper
³ Rt. Muscroft, Cowkeeper
• Mary Nicholson, Victualler, Green Dragon
¹ Valentine Slack, Shopkeeper
• Joseph Walker, Cart Owner
• William Wood, Beerhouse
• G. Woodcock, Maltster and Farmer

Colliery Owners

Barber and Sellars, Blackburn Bank
Robert Joseph Chambers and Son, Holmes
Thomas Hague, Thorpe Common
Fras. Parker, Bradgate
• Joshua Walker and Co.


• Samuel Hall
• Matthew Roberts


∗ Jno. Ashforth
• John Barber
John Bray
‡ Rd. Brooke
¹ Thomas Butler
¹ Isaac Couldwell
∗ John Duke
Thomas Fletcher
∗ Joseph Froggatt
² Jarvis Harris
∗ Joseph Hayton
† Joseph Hodson
• Edwin Kirk
¹ George Kirk
³ John Kirk
• Sl. Kirk Sen.
• Samuel Kirk, and Butcher
∗ Charles Machon
• William Sellars
∗ John Taylor
• John Warris
• Joseph Warris
• William Wing
‡ Jno. Yeardley

Fork Makers

¹ Joseph Barker
¹ George Brown
¹ Jas. Brown
³ Joseph Dawson
¹ George Dawson
• John Deakin
¹ Joseph Goddard
³ Joseph Gregory
¹ Thomas Handley
¹ W. Harrison
¹ Samuel Hobson
¹ Samuel Orton
• Jas. Raybould
• Joseph Rodgers
¹ John Sayles
¹ Joseph Sayles
³ Benjamin Siddons
¹ Valentine Slack
¹ George and John Vaughan
¹ G. Woodyer
•W. Woodhead


• William Hodson
• Joseph Taylor


• George Hirst
• Joseph Linton

Wheelwrights and Joiners

† Samuel Hartley
• Sl. Lockwood
• William Oxley


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