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Rotherham Districts


1881 Census Carr

Keziah BURTON Head W age 56 Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Char Woman
Mary A. BURTON Daur age 14 Carr, Scholar

Hannah PASHLEY Head U age 59 Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Char Woman

John GUEST Head M age 69 Maltby, York, Ag Lab
Barbara GUEST Wife M age 65 Brookhouse,

Richard MELLISH Head M age 28 Cuckney, Nottingham, Farmer Of 24 1/2 Acs

Margaret MELLISH Wife (Head) M age 29 Wingfield, Derby,
Thomas MELLISH Son age 1 Elmton, Derby,
Agness MELLISH Daur age 4 m Carr,
William MELLISH Visitor age 12 Cuckney, Nottingham, Scholar

James CROFTS Head M age 50 Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Ag Lab
Saralue A. CROFTS Wife M age 49 Stone, Maltby, York,
John T. CROFTS Son U age 19 Brookhouse, Ag Lab
Laura CROFTS Daur age 13 Brookhouse, Scholar
Thirza CROFTS Daur age 8 Brookhouse, Scholar

Robert MOTTRAM Head M age 57 Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Farmer Of 40 Acres
Hannah MOTTRAM Wife M age 52 Leeds, York,
Arthur E. MOTTRAM Son age 14 Carr, Scholar
Fred MOTTRAM Son age 13 Carr, Scholar
Edmund MOTTRAM Son age 10 Carr, Scholar
Mary A. STEPHENSON Niece age 10 Leeds, Scholar

Thomas LAW Head M age 45 Trumfleet, York, Farmer Of 42 1/2 Acres Emp 1 Man & 2 Boys
Emma LAW Wife M age 40 Owston, York,
Stenton W. LAW Son age 12 Carr, Scholar
Amy S. LAW Daur age 9 Carr, Scholar
Henry U. LAW Son age 7 Carr, Scholar
Patty LAW Daur age 4 Carr,
Amy FEARBY Mother In Law M age 73 Thorne, York, Visitor
Sarah E. IBBERSON Servt U age 17 Grove, Nottingham, Domestic General Servt
William GREAVES Servt U age 18 Brookhouse, Farm Servant (In Door)
Henry LUCAS Servt U age 18 Egmanton, Nottingham, Farm Servant (In Door)

Charles B. WOOLHOUSE Head M age 34 Kimberworth, Rotherham, File-Cutter
Ellen M. WOOLHOUSE Wife M age 31 Lincoln
John R. WOOLHOUSE Visitor age 10 Masbro, York, Scholar

Charles GIBBONS Head M age 51 Spalding, Lincoln, Gardener (Unemployed) (7/3)
Elizabeth GIBBONS Wife M age 52 Lincoln

John COOK Head W age 59 Slade Hooton, York, Ag Lab
Elizabeth GOSLING Sister W age 63 Slade Hooton, York, Housekeeper To Brother (Dom)

William SAYLES Head M age 65 Wadworth, Doncaster, Farmer Of 170 Acres Emp 1 Lab 1 Boy & 2 Sons
Harriet SAYLES Wife M age 63 Hooton Pagnall, Yorkshire,
Richard SAYLES Son U age 40 Hooton Pagnall, Works On Farm (In Door)
Charles W. SAYLES Son U age 24 Carr, Works On Farm (In Door)
Fred SAYLES Son U age 20 Carr, Draper (Unemployed)
John RODDIS Servt U age 15 Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Farm Servt (Indoor)
Mary BUCK Servt U age 15 Fishlake, Yorks, Domestic General Servant
George HIBBARD Grandson age 11 Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Scholar

Charles MOTTRAM Head W age 73 New Orchard Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Farmer of 12 Acres
Sarah A. MOTTRAM Daur U age 31 Carr, Housekeeper to Father(Dom)
Walter MOTTRAM Son U age 24 Carr, Farmers Son

James LAWRENCE Head W age 32 Kirton In Lindsey, Lincoln, Groom
Frank LAWRENCE Son age 10 Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Scholar

William RICHARDSON Head M age 35 Maltby, Yorks, Ag Lab
Clara RICHARDSON Wife M age 23 Ranskill, Yorks,
Annie S. RICHARDSON Daur age 3 Bramhouse

Edwin LEE Head M age 32 Hilton, Huntingdon, Ag Lab
Mary LEE Wife M age 31 Hilton, Huntingdon,
Emily LEE Daur age 11 Hilton, Huntingdon, Scholar
Kate LEE Daur age 7 Great Hemingford, Huntingdon,
Alice LEE Daur age 5 Laughton-en-le-Morthen,

James POLIN Head M age 55 Worksop, Nottingham, Ag Lab
Elizabeth POLIN Wife M age 49 Carr,

Priestley REVITT Head M age 26 Stannington, Yorks, Farmer Of 180 Acres Emp 2 Men
Martha A. REVITT Wife M age 22 Stannington
Edith REVITT Daur age 2 Handsworth, Yorks,
Ernest REVITT Brother U age 24 Stannington Farmer With Brother
Susannah FRANCIS Servt U age 14 (N K), Lincoln, Domestic General Servt
Richard GREAVES Servt U age 22 Hannington Farm Servt (Indoor)
John GREAVES Servt U age 22 Brookhouse, Farm Servt (Indoor)


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